Saturday, 30 June 2007

What I Like and don’t like in this Technology Country

After 8 months here at France… I have some conclusion about my life here…From my perspective point of view…as a stranger (Malaysian people) in this technology country.

What I like:

  1. Both of my supervisors are very friendly. Although they are Professor and Assoc. Prof… they help me a lot. I hope, I can manage to complete my PhD here. There is no communication problem with us, all of the time we speak English.
  2. People that surrounding me here are very helpful. They always help me in my life here.
  3. Very easy to get Halal food. A lot of Halal food can be bought at supermarket. Besides that a lot of Kebab stall here which is Halal.
  4. Easily to cross the road. Car driver respect pedestrian very well…it’s not the same in my home country.
  5. Very easy to pray(as a Muslim). I feel comfortable to pray behind my desk at the laboratory, even though there are seven French people here. Nobody ever disturb me, they respect my religion. Besides that, I can easily have a Friday prayer near the university. There are also two main mosques at Rennes.
  6. Opportunity to learn French Language. I have installed some words in my memory.
  7. There are 2 times a year, the shops are open for SALE. It is usually in July and January every year. Actually, my wife like it very much:-p.
  8. There is a support from CAF every month for the house that I rent.
What I don’t:

  1. I hate myself for not yet able to speak French even though I have been here for eight month. Maybe I need more practice. I only able to speak ‘Broken French’ and understand some words. Hopefully, after this I can speak fluently.
  2. Be careful when you walk! Please look on the floor and road, because you might be stepping on ‘shits’ of the dogs. If not, you need to do ‘samak’.
  3. Be careful with the beggar. Sometimes they could disturb your life. Maybe you should drop some cents.

These are base on my experienced, just to share with you guys out there.

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