Tuesday, 19 June 2007

My Digital Camera - CANON IXUS 75

This time i will write on my new digital camera which is CANON IXUS 75. After a dissapointed time of using my previous digital camera( I cant take a picture on sunny day and dark place), I decided to buy a new digital camera.

At first place, i decided to go back to Malaysia and buy this digital camera at my home country...then, because of unpassioned, I just bought this camera at France which is cost about €299..it is quite expensive, i though i can get it more cheaper in my country.Overall, i really satisfied with the performance.It is quite a user friendly, very small,easy to handle, and the picture quality is very satisfied. Its really valued for money. I will use it to get around europe during my time here.

I will update from time to time some reviews on this camera that i have done some reading and research before i decided to buy it. This is the picture of the camera that i have bought:

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Anonymous said...

wow...canggih nye camera..nak survey juga la

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