Friday, 22 June 2007

My Digital Camera - Canon IXUS 75 (Part 3)

The Canon IXUS 75 is also known as the Canon PowerShot
SD 750 in the US. This is a stylish looking pocket
sized digital camera. One of the attractions of this
camera is the fact it has a larger than standard three
inch LCD screen. Larger LCD screen really
does make a difference when composing and reviewing
photos, so this gives the IXUS 75 an extra tick in the
box. It also makes the camera's menu system that bit
easier to read. nice isn’t it?..I’m lucky to have bought this
camera..hehe…Its really valued for money. I’m glad to
grab this one. The picture is very nice. I have used
it in my vacation at Paris last week. I’ll post in
this blog some picture that I took while I was there.
Here, I also put a video from Enjoy it.

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