Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My Digital Camera - Canon IXUS 75 (Part 2)

This is continuation about the previous story on this camera. Actually, this camera was presented to my wife as our first anniversary. Today is a modern day, so…most of woman wanted the ‘electronics’ hardware’ rather than jewelery and gold (Hehe.. I just guess on it). As long as she is happy, I’m happy too.

The digicam that I bought, actually have pros and contras। You can evaluate it by yourself before buying it.

Pros: -High resolution,

-large 3" LCD

-Attractive design

-High quality video recording

-You can take beutiful close-up photos using "digital macro" shooting ability.

-High quality portrait photos

-good qulity indoor images

-Tanks to the red-eye correction function, u can correct red eyes in recorded images.

-amazing shooting options in manual and SCN mode.

-By setting the shutter speed to "long shutter mode", you can take stunning high quality photos without noise in dark places.


-It doesnt have charge indicator

-It doesnt have view finder.

-The "Auto iso shift ability adds too many noises to the photo.

Others info on IXUS 75:

The image processor has been upgraded to DiG!C III, which includes Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Noise Reduction Technology and red-eye correction is offered with image playback.

7.1-megapixel, 3x optical zoom digicams Canon

Comes with two colours: silver n black

Weight: 130g

Yesterday I saw on the advertising... the price have drop into €279, fast the price have dropped ,but never mind… the black digicam that I have bought, really satisfied meJ. Hope you guys enjoy on this information.

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