Monday, 18 June 2007


Hello..My name is Haizal and I'm from Malaysia. Currently I'm a phd student at France. I'm working on Antenna Design. I just want to spend my little time to write in my Blog.

This is my first experienced in blogging and try to write some information in it. Just to share my interest on technology that i have experienced. The technology that i have experienced by buyingt,interesting,visiting, working,travelling and etc. I hope you can enjoy the thing that i will share. Some of it is written in english and some of it is written in Bahasa Melayu. Whatever is OK or NOT hope you guys can help me.



truanta said...

welcome to blog world..kat perancis?
bonjour....!! btol ker ni?

circumstance said...

good lux!!
i cant wait to see you first post
about your major content!!

Cikgu Azleen said...

TQ for visiting my blog at . Keep on writing - would love to see entries about tech..

haizal said...

Thank you for ur time to visit my site. I'll try to update with some usefull information to share.

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