Wednesday, 4 July 2007

PSP –Play Station Portable

Posto..Posto... Today is another technology review...Hehe.. i just bought one PSP yesterday. Actually, I did not know at all what is PSP.. I always heard about PS2 and PS3..Then suddenly, I have PSP!..I think..PSP is not so popular in Malaysia, so that’s why there are not a lot of people know about this thing…Actually, I didn’t want to buy PSP, but I got it when I bought together with my new Samsung handphone. So I bought these two for about 49euro…and I need to subscribe to use SFR (telco) for 24 month. Anyway..its fine for me:)

Currently, I’m still investigating this PSP.Some of the usages are:

1) Playing Game

2) Watching video

3) Listening to MP3

4) Web browsing (interesting)

5) Others..still under investigation ( I’m really new to this)

I’ll post my find out here later. It’s really interesting to have this one!

My lovely PSP

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