Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Coming to France from Malaysia

While staying at home today..cause my laboratory is on blackout, suddenly it across in my mind that I want to write about my journey in France….journey to the technology country..Its almost a dream come true for me to study abroad… since I missed my first opportunity while I’m 18 years old…huh finally, I’m going abroad…not doing my first degree…but my PhD!… I’m not alone, but accompany with my wife..May Allah give bless for both of us…journey to this technology world..with nawaitu for Allah.

I came to France started November 2006. I came here with zero French...which mean: I did not know how to speak French at all!...My advice here, for those who want to come least learn some word, if not you will have a lot of difficulties. Here, in this blog I give some guides on coming to France from Malaysia… in my point of view as Malaysian people.

Coming to France by Aeroplane:
If you take MAS ( Malaysian Airlines System) aeroplane, you will be dropped at Terminal 1. Go get your luggage and straight forward to get the navette (free train connection between terminal 1,2 and 3) If you have flight connection to other region, for example to Rennes. You should take the train (navette) and go to terminal 2 to take Air France flight. If you want to go to Paris, you can take the ‘navette’ and stop at Terminal 3 or 2, and by a ticket before take a RER Train to Paris. The journey by RER is about 45 minutes. At the city, you can get metro train to go to your destination.

Some advices:

Becareful with pickpockets. One of my friend just lost his wallet last year here. They always looking at you.Becareful while crossing the road, a lot of car did not stop for you in Paris. At Rennes its much more easier.Learn some little French word. Its much more easier to use English in Paris, but not in Rennes. I have difficulties to buy things here before and still have to learn a lot. Say ‘Bonjour’= Good day, ‘pardon’ or ‘excusez moi’ = to make excuse and ‘desole’ = to get forgiveness… This is the basic word of politeness. Here, there is a lot of people beggar for your money.. Maybe in some place you should drop some cents and some place is not.

Bon Voyages….

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