Saturday, 21 July 2007

A Visit to St Malo from Rennes

Today my post is about a visit to St Malo. St Malo is located in the Department of Bretagne, and it located near the sea side. The attraction here are the sea side and castle at St Vincent, Grande Aquarium, Mt St Michael and etc.

Last week it just a short visits to St Malo. My target is just to visit Grand Aquarium and St Vincent.It located about 1 hour from Rennes by bus or train. From Rennes, there are two way to get there by bus or train. It is cheaper to go there by taking ILLENOO bus no 8, which is cost about 3 euro( 2.40euro if your age lower than 26 years old). Another way to get there is by train, which it will cost about 14 euro, but it is more comfortable. Both of it will arrive at the Gare of St Malo.

At there, it is easy to go to St Vincent and Grand Aquarium. You can take bus no C1 and C2. The ticket is cost about 1 euro. You can see the map at the bus stop where the correct direction to your destination is.

My target is to visit to Grand Aquarium. It takes about 5 minute from the Gare station. You can see the picture of the front building below. It was a very attractive place. The cost to get in for 1 adult is 15.50 euro. It was nice to see the sea culture in this building. A lot of weird species of sea leaving is kept here. It is a very big aquarium. Hehe… I did take a picture with the JAWS. It was very nice. I also have opportunity to take the submarine to view the sea creatures.

It just about 2 hours, I stay in the aquarium…then I just went to the sea side for just a short period before we get back to Rennes at the evening. It just a pleasure for me to spent the week end together.

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