Tuesday, 1 January 2008


This is what i found in the internet... i was shocked to find that we can watch latest movie online FREE.. really free!! even though i tried to search it for such along time..i did not find it. Now..i got those link from forum..this is the link:

2: stage66
3: free tv video online
4: peekvid
5: mydigitalshare

Some notes from the link distributer:

Is internet movies and tv legal?

Yes! Because no copyrighted content is hosted by me, but rather the content is hosted on Youtube. The links are user submitted and the users act as editors. I am unaware of any copyright infringement. I Strongly discourage users to submit any copyrited content. I will immediately remove any smaterial at the copyright holder’s request. This site was created with the intent that it is used as directory to home made clips, trailers, promos, webcams and other content that does not infringe on any copyright holder.

So... link tu and movie takde apa2 kaitan dengan saya..sebab saya hanya paparkan linknye saje...


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griffo said...

Cool links, you can also use a site called Humyo to download/watch TV and movies.

Anonymous said...

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aaaaana said...

hello! Just thought you would like to know your link to stage66 is wrong, it should be http://stage66.com

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